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We caught up with three different Calgary brewery owners to talk specifically about cooperation and collaboration in the craft beer scene. Legislative changes have made starting a brewery accessible for home brewers, and the popularity of craft beer has made opening a brewery more relevant than ever. We dive-in and discuss this current trend with three proud UCalgary alumni who are running some of the most successful breweries in the city:

Stefan Horsky of Village Brewery, MBA'03
Ben Leon of Dandy Brewing, BEd
Dan Allard of Cold Garden, BComm

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Calgary Arts Development President & CEO, Patti Pon, discusses the new creative economy. She makes arguments for the current Calgary arts scene as well as the facts and figures that stand behind the economical impacts of a thriving creative sector.

We discuss the Alberta Ballet, Calgary Folk Fest, the Calgary Stampede, One Yellow Rabbit and many other cultural institutions that define Calgary.

Patti holds a BFA in Drama and an MBA in Arts Administration and was recently represented the Alumni Association at the Fall 2017 Convocation as a Distinguished Graduate

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Dr. Niven received his MD, his Master of Science and his PhD from the University of Calgary.

He is an intensive care physician but is also a health researcher, who focuses on helping doctors ditch outdated technologies, tests and treatments for cutting-edge patient care.

In 2016, Dr. Niven was awarded the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Rising Star Award for a study that ultimately aims to lessen the time between scientific research and its implementation in the health-care system. Just last month, he was named one of Avenue Magazine’s 2017 Top 40 Under 40, and this week, he’s one of our Distinguished Graduates at fall convocation, which is why we wanted to catch up with him today.

We discuss his research, results, best practices, career highlights and balancing his career with three young children.

Natalie Panek is a rocket scientist, explorer and speaker. She has completed internships with NASA, helped engineer and drive a solar powered car across the continent, and has been featured on popular TED Talks. Natalie is an advocate for women in leadership roles in science. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently featured Natalie on his Instagram page.

In this episode, Natalie discusses her work with the Mars Rover program, space debris and cleaning up satellite waste, her origins in Calgary, science fiction and her current projects and interests.

Natalie’s website offers further info on all her projects and a level of transparency and communication unique to her field. Please check out

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

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