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Shawna Cunningham talks about truth and reconciliation in Canada and why it’s so important to build a cultural bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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As mental health awareness continues to grow, career experts and researchers chime in about how to integrate wellness into the workplace to combat potential or existing toxic behaviours. 

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Failure is trending, but is that a good thing? We ask six alumni what they think about failure and what advice they’d give their younger selves.


Whitney Rockley, MBA’97
Ben Cannon, BA’14
Christine Dagenais, MBA’11
Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, BA’99, BA’01
Patrick Lor, BA’90, MBA’01
Bridget Casey, MBA’15

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Bridget is the founder and content creator of Money After Graduation. From paying off debt to investing in the stock market, Bridget provides clear, actionable advice that will transform your finances. Bridget holds a BSc from the University of Alberta and an MBA in finance from UCalgary. She is regularly featured as a millennial finance expert as a guest on BNN and CBC, and was recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators in 2016.

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Simon is a palliative physician in Calgary and a member of the O’Brien Institute for Public Health at the University of Calgary. He divides his time between inpatient and community practice and, in 2016, helped to found the Calgary Allied Mobile Palliative Program (CAMPP) with Rachael Edwards of Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS). CAMPP was established in response to the inequity experienced by homeless and vulnerably housed patients at end of life. Previously, Simon worked with Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan and Doctors of Two Worlds on a trip to Nepal.

Learn more about Calgary’s Allied Mobile Palliative Program (CAMPP).

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How do people recover from addiction? Amber Hedges, MA’17, explains how stigma can be more of a barrier than the substance itself.

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In the world of #MeToo, #TimesUp and the recently exposed “incel” community, we talk to masculinity experts about what men and boys are thinking and what we can do to nip “toxic masculinity” in the bud.

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When applying for a job, should you include a cover letter? Do you have to customize each resume? What headings should you use? Everyone has their own style when it comes to applications, but Brian Palmer, BComm’06, has some not-so-secret tips and best practices.

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Scholarships, transformational experiences, and health and wellness are key contributors to student success — and these extraordinary alumni are proof.

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If you’ve visited the UCalgary Native Centre, attended any local marches or participated in a KAIROS Blanket Exercise, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, BA’99, BA’01. In this episode, Cheryle explains how to be an activist and why it’s important to give back in a good way.

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How do you get work experience without having any work experience? According to Reg Tiangha, BSc’04, volunteering is an easy way to diversify your skills, increase your employability and find a sense of purpose in your life.

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Spoofing Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Ben Cannon, BA’14, discusses mental illness, addiction and striving to earn a living as an up-and-coming comedian.

We may have hit a few potholes along the way, so listener discretion is advised.

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From the thrill of 100 asks to get one “yes,” to the restlessness of watching TV after his company is bought, the co-founder of iStock, Patrick Lor, BA’90, MBA’01, discusses the perks and burdens of serial entrepreneurship.

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Christine Dagenais, MBA’11, is an expert when it comes to personal and professional branding. In 2005, Christine founded Creative Coaching, a consulting practice focusing on three key areas: executive and career coaching, management consulting, and professional speaking. Her specialization spans business administration, Myers-Briggs, change management, professional coaching — and that’s just the beginning of the list. Her philosophy for successful career and executive development is simple: just be you.

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One of few female senior leaders in venture capital, Whitney Rockley, MBA’97, decided it was time to upgrade her education at UCalgary back in the 1990s when she was told she wasn’t bright enough to work as a bank teller. Knowing she was on the wrong career path, Rockley pursued a graduate degree in entrepreneurial thinking and took part in a prescribed mentorship program. She relentlessly sought opportunities wherever they presented themselves, regardless of country or perceived risk, and today she is the co-founder and managing partner of McRock Capital, based in Toronto. 

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This week on Peer Review, we’re joined by YMCA Calgary CEO and President Shannon Doram, and Vice-President of Marketing & Communications, Ken Lima-Coelho. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and, as a student athlete, captained the very first Dinos ringette team. Ken earned a Bachelor of Arts at UCalgary and during his time here was active with CJSW, The Gauntlet, NUTV and the Jazz Choir.

In this episode, Shannon and Ken have a candid conversation about what motivates them to build their careers in the non-profit sector. While the two have very different backgrounds – Shannon a long-time athlete with a background in health promotions and Ken a former journalist and proud father – they each share their journey from opposite ends of the UCalgary campus to senior leadership roles in a major community organization. Their dedication to health, wellness and community-building has brought them together as champions of the YMCA. Fair warning… if you haven’t finalized your New Year’s resolutions, you’re about to be inspired!

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Jim Gray holds an Honourary Doctorate from UCalgary, but his list of achievements is much longer than that. He is an Energy Person of the Year Award recipient from the Energy Council of Canada, was inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame, the Calgary Business Hall of Fame and the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. He is a Member of the Alberta Order of Excellence, is an Officer of the Order of Canada and this fall was named Lifetime Achievement Philanthropist by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Calgary.  Most recently, he also founded  the Top 7 over 70 in Calgary.


In this episode, Jim joins us to talk about his career in energy and business, his thoughts on the past and future of our city, and the importance of community and getting involved. He also inspires us all to seek the right balance between career, community and most importantly, family.

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We caught up with three different Calgary brewery owners to talk specifically about cooperation and collaboration in the craft beer scene. Legislative changes have made starting a brewery accessible for home brewers, and the popularity of craft beer has made opening a brewery more relevant than ever. We dive-in and discuss this current trend with three proud UCalgary alumni who are running some of the most successful breweries in the city:

Stefan Horsky of Village Brewery, MBA'03
Ben Leon of Dandy Brewing, BEd
Dan Allard of Cold Garden, BComm

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Calgary Arts Development President & CEO, Patti Pon, discusses the new creative economy. She makes arguments for the current Calgary arts scene as well as the facts and figures that stand behind the economical impacts of a thriving creative sector.

We discuss the Alberta Ballet, Calgary Folk Fest, the Calgary Stampede, One Yellow Rabbit and many other cultural institutions that define Calgary.

Patti holds a BFA in Drama and an MBA in Arts Administration and was recently represented the Alumni Association at the Fall 2017 Convocation as a Distinguished Graduate

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Dr. Niven received his MD, his Master of Science and his PhD from the University of Calgary.

He is an intensive care physician but is also a health researcher, who focuses on helping doctors ditch outdated technologies, tests and treatments for cutting-edge patient care.

In 2016, Dr. Niven was awarded the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Rising Star Award for a study that ultimately aims to lessen the time between scientific research and its implementation in the health-care system. Just last month, he was named one of Avenue Magazine’s 2017 Top 40 Under 40, and this week, he’s one of our Distinguished Graduates at fall convocation, which is why we wanted to catch up with him today.

We discuss his research, results, best practices, career highlights and balancing his career with three young children.

Natalie Panek is a rocket scientist, explorer and speaker. She has completed internships with NASA, helped engineer and drive a solar powered car across the continent, and has been featured on popular TED Talks. Natalie is an advocate for women in leadership roles in science. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently featured Natalie on his Instagram page.

In this episode, Natalie discusses her work with the Mars Rover program, space debris and cleaning up satellite waste, her origins in Calgary, science fiction and her current projects and interests.

Natalie’s website offers further info on all her projects and a level of transparency and communication unique to her field. Please check out

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

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The Idea Exchange series has been happening in regions across North America, bringing alumni, donors and UCalgary supporters together to connect and talk big ideas… and now it’s coming to Calgary. The first event in Calgary is November 22 and we’re going to be talking energy innovations for today and tomorrow.

One of panelists for this is alumnus Ian Gates, who is the associate dean of innovation with UCalgary’s Schulich School of Engineering as well as the university’s Global Research Initiative Lead with the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.

Seeing as it’s Thursday, this week’s podcast episode is a throwback to the first time we had Ian on our show. In this episode Ian Gates, BSc’89, and Jackie Forrest, BSc’96 explore the current state of Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and discuss the future of oil sands, originally posted February 1st, 2016

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Melanee Thomas joined the department of political science at Ucalgary in 2012. Her research focuses on the causes and consequences of gender-based political inequality in Canada and other post-industrial democracies, with a particular focus on political attitudes and behaviour, and policy feedback. Her current projects include an edited collection titled Mothers and Others: Understanding the Impact of Family Life on Politics (funded by a SSHRC Aid to Workshops Grant), an exploration of the effects of gender, stereotype threat, and psychological orientations to politics (funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant), and project examining the role electoral districts play in voter turnout, party competition, and representational diversity.

Dr. Thomas is willing to supervise graduate students studying gender and politics, Canadian politics, political behaviour, public opinion, and political psychology.

Russell Reimer, President of Manifesto Sport Management, discusses humble beginnings in Steinbach Manitoba, Miriam Toews, and community minded Mennonite roots.

He tells stories about his beach volleyball days and covering multiple olympics for NBC and learning the value of story along the way. Russell talks about pioneering his business, his connection to Calgary, and of course....the most iconic sports agent of all time, Jerry Maguire.

Russell holds a Masters of Communications from the University of Calgary.

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Peer Review Live: Going for Gold is a live recording of a special edition of our podcast that took place during Alumni Weekend on Sept. 23, 2017. It features Olympic wrestler Erica Wiebe, BKin’12, BA’16, who won gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, four-time Olympic speed skating medallist Kristina Groves, BSc’04, MSc’15, and Kyle Shewfelt, who won the first Canadian gold medal in artistic gymnastics at the 2004 Summer Olympics at Athens.

The panel is moderated by guest host Russell Reimer, MCS’07, sports agent and founder of Manifesto Sports.

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Andrew Mosker (President and CEO of the National Music Centre and 2017 Arch Award recipient) talks about musical epiphanies, transformative winters as a ski bum in Jasper, his favourite UCalgary professor, and he drops enough rock ’n’ roll references to satisfy even the most devout audiophile — the Rolling Stones, Daniel Lanois, Feist, Jim Cuddy, U2 and Kid Koala, to name a few.


Andrew holds a Master of Arts in musicology from the University of Calgary.




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Listen to clips from some of the more popular Peer Review conversations from the past 12 months.

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Clem Martini, BFA'80, Drama professor in the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary, explores the importance of live performance in the digital age.

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Chris Olbey, BA'92, MA'96, English instructor, University of Calgary uses classic literature to help students better understand today’s world of pop culture. 

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Kevin Davies, BComm' 14, founder and CEO of HOP Compost, has created a fertilizer alternative that is certified organic and non-GMO.

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Patricia Rowbotham, BEd'75, LLB’81, justice of the Court of Appeal of Alberta, explains what it is like working as a judge in the province. 

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Ian Brodie, MA’92, PhD’97, UCalgaryLaw & Society professor, and former Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper, examines North America's political landscape.

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Andrew Buckley, BSc’16, quarterback, Calgary Stampeders, reflects on his remarkable UCalgary Dinos football career and discusses his future as a quarterback in the CFL.

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Shannon Murray, MA'08, PhD'15, and Stampede historical specialist explains why Guy Weadick would be proud of 2016’s rendition of the "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

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Stampede Queen Maggie Shortt and Princess Chelsey Jacobson reveal what it's like to travel the world representing the Calgary Stampede.

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Entrepreneur and UCalgary Business grad, Louisa Ferrel, BComm’04, leaves the recruitment world of start True Büch Kombucha.

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Fresh off his return from Cannes Film Festival, Benjamin Ross Hayden, BA’12, discusses his award winning sci-fi film, The Northlander.

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Kodi Hutchinson, BComm’95, award-winning double bassist, host of CKUA's A Time for Jazz, and artistic director for JazzYYC, discuses Calgary’s jazz music festival.

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Nina Kharey, BSc’07 is the founder and creative director of the Calgary-based luxury women’s clothing label, House of Nonie.

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Jasmine Mian, MSc’15, Canadian Olympic wrestler, reflects on qualifying for Rio 2016, and looks ahead to the upcoming summer games in Brazil.

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Jodi Scarlett, MBA’02, president, ProStar Cleaning and Restoration Inc., was recently named to Profit/Chatelaine W100 ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs.

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Andrew Obrecht, BComm’09, partner, spin motivator, YYC CYCLE - Spin Studio, helps forge strong community connections through his patrons, the biker gang. 

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Emma Climie, MSc’08, PhD’12, assistant professor, School and Applied Child Psychology, Werklund School of Education, and lead researcher, Carlson Family Research Award in ADHD, discusses her research focusing on a strengths-based understanding of children with ADHD.

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UCalgary Alumni Podcast records live at Alumni Weekend withbusinessmen and philanthropists Geoff Cumming, BA’74, and DickHaskayne.

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Kandrix Foong, BA’00, founder and event director, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, explains how Leonard Nimoy helped the Calgary convention reach new heights.

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Mark Blackwell, BComm’11, senior manager, SolarWinds, explains why Calgary's startup community needs to set higher goals.

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Mike Landry, BSc'89, detection lead scientist, LIGO Hanford Observatory, explains his role in the discovery of gravitational waves. 

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Annalise Klingbeil, BA’11, Calgary Herald city reporter, discusses the rapidly changing world of print journalism.

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For Laura Lucier, BSc'99, moving the Canadarm2, installing new experiments and preventing systems failures are all a part of her everyday routine.

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Ian Chiclo, BA’91, VP Business Development, Corkscrew Media, remembers the life and death of Calgary’s first alternative weekly, FFWD.

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Mike Czuba, MFA’11, playwright and theatre creator, discusses the importance of UCalgary’s Taking Flight Festival.

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Legendary Haskayne professor Dr. Bob Schulz goes from undefeated high school pitcher to king of competitive case studies.

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Aritha van Herk, writer and English professor, is still passionate about teaching after 32 years in the classroom. 

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Doctor Mom draws from industry experience to help students better understand civil engineering. 

Tony Russell, award-winning biological science professor, reflects on 40 years of teaching.

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Andrew Rodych, BA'10, MPP'12, tackles questions about government policy making, bike lanes, Calgary's role in Canada’s public policy debates, and more.

Join Ian Gates, BSc’89, and Jackie Forrest, BSc’96, as they explore the current state of Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and discuss the future of oil sands.

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Join Jenn Lofgren, Eric Termuende, BCom’14, Leah Schmidt, BA’17, and Colleen Bangs, BA’02, as they discuss their experiences with networking, mentorship, volunteering, and much more.


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Suzette Mayr, BA'90, is a novelist and professor, whose work tackles issues related to gender, sexuality and race. 

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John Gilchrist, BA’77, is a Calgary based food and travel writer, working predominantly with the Calgary Herald and CBC Radio.

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Anila Lee Yuen, BSc’02, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Newcomers, prepares to welcome Syrian  refugees to Calgary. 

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Derrick Shirley, MSc’07, psychologist, speaker, and author of The 400 Pound Male Stripper talks about taking it all off.

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Kym Boycott, PhD’97, MD’00, medical geneticist, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, is a leading global expert in rare diseases.

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Danielle Smith, BA’97 and former leader of the Wildrose party turned radio host for NewsTalk770, discusses life after politics.

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Anar Simpson, BSc'86, MCS’01, Simon Bryant, MD’9, and Kristina Groves, BSc’04, MSc’15 discuss refuges, sustainable energy, and much more. Recorded in front of a live audience in That Empty Space at the University of Calgary on November 20, 2015. 

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Yousef Traya, BCR’01, shares stories from over 30 years of family business in Bridgeland, Calgary, Alberta.

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Tyler Trafford, BA’71, is the author of the award winning book, Almost a Great Escape; a love story almost too amazing to be true.

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Wilma Shim, BSc’07, LLB’10, is a lawyer for the Government of Alberta as well as a powerlifting coach with Special Olympics Calgary.

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Nancy Moules, BN’95, MN’97, PhD’00, is a professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary, and holds the Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Child and Family Cancer Care.

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Sebastian Sztabzyb, B.Eng’00, co-founder of Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, explains how he uses engineering to brew a great cup of coffee.

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Pat Kelly, BA’94, is the Conservative candidate for Calgary Rocky Ridge in the 2015 federal election.

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Stephanie Kot, BA’10, is the NDP candidate for Calgary Rocky Ridge in the 2015 federal election.

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Kent Hehr, BA’97, LLB’01, is the Liberal candidate for Calgary Centre in the 2015 federal election. 

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Elizabeth Cannon, BSc'84, MSc'87, PHD’91, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calgary, discusses what happens after Eyes High.

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W. Brett Wilson, MBA’85, entrepreneur and former panelist on Dragons’ Den, shares how his view of success has evolved.

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Murray Ord, BFA’72, executive producer for Alberta Film Entertainment, talks about working on popular films like, Legends of the FallThe Assassination of Jesse James…, and Brokeback Mountain.

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Mary Anne Moser, BSc’88, BA’92, PhD’05, is the President and Co-Founder of Beakerhead. On this episode, we talk about the upcoming third annual Beakerhead event, and explore the science of everyday life.

Wayne Harris Jr., BPE’82, head coach, University of Calgary Dinos Football, shares memories of his father and reflects on his own life in football.

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Listen to clips from some of the more popular Peer Review conversations from the past 12 months.

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Natalie Panek, BSc’07, is a mission systems engineer at MDA Robotics and Automation, working on Canadian space robotics and other Canadian space exploration programs. On this episode of Peer Review, we review Natalie’s work, discuss space exploration, and talk about strong female leaders. 

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Sharon Carry, BA'75, BEd’76, MCS’90, has been the President and CEO of Bow Valley College since 1997. On this episode of Peer Review, we discuss Sharon’s academic career, 50 years of Bow Valley College, strong female leaders, and much more.

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Scott White, BMus’89, is a multi-talented songwriter, playwright and musical director. On this episode of Peer Review, we look back at his ill-fated rock band, West World, talk about why he was “the world’s worst drag queen,” and discuss his latest play, Newfoundland Mary.


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Jodi Willoughby, BCR’01, is the co-owner of Crave Cookies and Cupcakes. First opening their doors in Calgary in 2004, Crave now has four locations in the city, as well as shops in Edmonton and Saskatoon. 

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Dr. Breanne Everett, MD’09, MBA’13, is the CEO and director of Orpyx, a wearable medical technology company that creates life-changing health tools that empower the user through data analytics.

Tony Tran, BComm'11, is a community builder with Antyx Community Arts, a dance instructor, and founder of the inovative dance collective, The Bad Girls Club YYC.

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Dawn Johnston, PhD’05, is the Assistant Dean, Student Engagement (Faculty of Arts) and a senior instructor in the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, Dawn shares her thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner, great television, Calgary’s food scene, and much more.

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Vern Kimball, BA’81, MBA’90, is the President of the University of Calgary Alumni Association, and the former CEO of the Calgary Stampede. On this episode of Peer Review, Vern shares stories from nearly 30 years of involvement with the greatest outdoor show on earth. 

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Hayley Peckham, BComm’14 and Kimberly Stewart, BSc’16 (expected), share stories from their terms as Calgary Stampede Royalty.  

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Brad Granberg, MD’12, is an ER doctor with a focus on disaster medicine and disaster management. On this episode of Peer Review, Brad revisits his time spent in Nepal providing post disaster medical relief.

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Leslie Reid, Msc'97/PhD'02, is a geologist and the associate dean of teaching and learning (Science). On this episode of Peer Review, Leslie answers questions about earthquakes, explains how the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning will impact the university, and shares geology stories. 

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Jill Drader, BGS’05, is the founder of Woman in Work Boots and is a coach and consultant at Steel Toe Stiletto Ltd. On this episode of Peer Review, Jill talks about her turbulent youth, discusses working in the trades in Alberta, and explains why she helps others discover their passions. This episode touches on mature subject matter, listener discretion is advised. 

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Harry Sanders, BA’88, is a self-employed historical consultant and writer, as well as Calgary Heritage Authority’s historian laureate. Since he started studying Alberta’s history as a young teen, Harry has gone on to author books about the city's waterworks system, historical walks in the city, and much more. On this episode of Peer Review, Harry reflects on Calgary’s past, sharing stories about some of the men and woman who have helped make the city what it is today.

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James Fell, BA’93/MA’96/MBA99, is an internationally syndicated fitness writer, penning pieces for the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, TIME Magazine,,, and Men’s Health. On this contentious episode of Peer Review, James shares his opinion on fad diets, Dr. Oz, CrossFit, and much more. 

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Rosa Marchitelli, BA’95, is a journalist and news anchor for CBC Calgary. After starting her career at A Channel in Calgary, Rosa worked as a journalist in Edmonton and Vancouver prior to returning to Calgary to co-host a newscast with her husband. On this episode of Peer Review, Rosa reflects on her days as a tough arts critic writing for the Gauntlet, talks about why her dream interview would be with Pope Francis, and discusses the future of CBC.

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Lourdes Juan, BGS’05/MEDes’09, is the director of LMJ Consultants and Soma Advanced Skin & Body Therapy. On this episode of Peer Review, Lourdes shares how she obtained her informal business education, talks about Calgary development trends, and discusses LeftOvers, her non-profit organization that delivers fresh food to people in need. 

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Heather Yourex, BCS'03, is a health reporter for Global News Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit Heather's UCalgary days, look back on her time spent in Africa documenting the aids pandemic, and talk about health care issues facing Albertans.

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Paul Fairie, MA’07/PhD’13, is a Political Science instructor at the University of Calgary and a Data Scientist for Centrality Data Science. On this episode of Peer Review, Paul provides insight into the upcoming Alberta Provincial Election, explains proper twitter behaviour, and shares a bit about his interests outside of politics.


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John Fairbairn, BSc'06, is a former Canadian Olympic skeleton athlete, currently working in the oil and gas industry in Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit John’s UCalgary days, look back on how he ended up representing Canada at the Sochi 2014 Olympics, and talk about life after competitive sports.

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Andrew Pearce, BSc’84/MSc’88, is the director of research and development at DreamWorks Animation. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit Andrew’s UCalgary days, talk about how he ended up working on such films as Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Monsters vs. Aliens, and discuss what the future of these types of movies could look like.

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Elizabeth Anderson, BA’10, is the author of Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness), and received the True Grit Award from the Lt. Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addictions for her contributions to public education, advocacy, and stigma reduction of mental health issues. On this episode of the Peer Review, Elizabeth shares her story about living with schizophrenia and depression, and explains how she has given her illness experience a broader meaning by giving people accurate information and dispelling the myths that are associated with those living with diagnosis.