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Listen to clips from some of the more popular Peer Review conversations from the past 12 months.

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Clem Martini, BFA'80, Drama professor in the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary, explores the importance of live performance in the digital age.

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Chris Olbey, BA'92, MA'96, English instructor, University of Calgary uses classic literature to help students better understand today’s world of pop culture. 

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Kevin Davies, BComm' 14, founder and CEO of HOP Compost, has created a fertilizer alternative that is certified organic and non-GMO.

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Patricia Rowbotham, BEd'75, LLB’81, justice of the Court of Appeal of Alberta, explains what it is like working as a judge in the province. 

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Ian Brodie, MA’92, PhD’97, UCalgaryLaw & Society professor, and former Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper, examines North America's political landscape.

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Andrew Buckley, BSc’16, quarterback, Calgary Stampeders, reflects on his remarkable UCalgary Dinos football career and discusses his future as a quarterback in the CFL.

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Shannon Murray, MA'08, PhD'15, and Stampede historical specialist explains why Guy Weadick would be proud of 2016’s rendition of the "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

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Stampede Queen Maggie Shortt and Princess Chelsey Jacobson reveal what it's like to travel the world representing the Calgary Stampede.

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Entrepreneur and UCalgary Business grad, Louisa Ferrel, BComm’04, leaves the recruitment world of start True Büch Kombucha.

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Fresh off his return from Cannes Film Festival, Benjamin Ross Hayden, BA’12, discusses his award winning sci-fi film, The Northlander.

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Kodi Hutchinson, BComm’95, award-winning double bassist, host of CKUA's A Time for Jazz, and artistic director for JazzYYC, discuses Calgary’s jazz music festival.

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Nina Kharey, BSc’07 is the founder and creative director of the Calgary-based luxury women’s clothing label, House of Nonie.

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Jasmine Mian, MSc’15, Canadian Olympic wrestler, reflects on qualifying for Rio 2016, and looks ahead to the upcoming summer games in Brazil.

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Jodi Scarlett, MBA’02, president, ProStar Cleaning and Restoration Inc., was recently named to Profit/Chatelaine W100 ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs.

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Andrew Obrecht, BComm’09, partner, spin motivator, YYC CYCLE - Spin Studio, helps forge strong community connections through his patrons, the biker gang. 

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Emma Climie, MSc’08, PhD’12, assistant professor, School and Applied Child Psychology, Werklund School of Education, and lead researcher, Carlson Family Research Award in ADHD, discusses her research focusing on a strengths-based understanding of children with ADHD.

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UCalgary Alumni Podcast records live at Alumni Weekend withbusinessmen and philanthropists Geoff Cumming, BA’74, and DickHaskayne.

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Kandrix Foong, BA’00, founder and event director, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, explains how Leonard Nimoy helped the Calgary convention reach new heights.

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Mark Blackwell, BComm’11, senior manager, SolarWinds, explains why Calgary's startup community needs to set higher goals.

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Mike Landry, BSc'89, detection lead scientist, LIGO Hanford Observatory, explains his role in the discovery of gravitational waves. 

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Annalise Klingbeil, BA’11, Calgary Herald city reporter, discusses the rapidly changing world of print journalism.

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For Laura Lucier, BSc'99, moving the Canadarm2, installing new experiments and preventing systems failures are all a part of her everyday routine.

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Ian Chiclo, BA’91, VP Business Development, Corkscrew Media, remembers the life and death of Calgary’s first alternative weekly, FFWD.

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Mike Czuba, MFA’11, playwright and theatre creator, discusses the importance of UCalgary’s Taking Flight Festival.

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Legendary Haskayne professor Dr. Bob Schulz goes from undefeated high school pitcher to king of competitive case studies.

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Aritha van Herk, writer and English professor, is still passionate about teaching after 32 years in the classroom. 

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Doctor Mom draws from industry experience to help students better understand civil engineering. 

Tony Russell, award-winning biological science professor, reflects on 40 years of teaching.

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Andrew Rodych, BA'10, MPP'12, tackles questions about government policy making, bike lanes, Calgary's role in Canada’s public policy debates, and more.

Join Ian Gates, BSc’89, and Jackie Forrest, BSc’96, as they explore the current state of Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and discuss the future of oil sands.

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Join Jenn Lofgren, Eric Termuende, BCom’14, Leah Schmidt, BA’17, and Colleen Bangs, BA’02, as they discuss their experiences with networking, mentorship, volunteering, and much more.


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Suzette Mayr, BA'90, is a novelist and professor, whose work tackles issues related to gender, sexuality and race. 

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John Gilchrist, BA’77, is a Calgary based food and travel writer, working predominantly with the Calgary Herald and CBC Radio.

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