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Paul Fairie, MA’07/PhD’13, is a Political Science instructor at the University of Calgary and a Data Scientist for Centrality Data Science. On this episode of Peer Review, Paul provides insight into the upcoming Alberta Provincial Election, explains proper twitter behaviour, and shares a bit about his interests outside of politics.


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John Fairbairn, BSc'06, is a former Canadian Olympic skeleton athlete, currently working in the oil and gas industry in Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit John’s UCalgary days, look back on how he ended up representing Canada at the Sochi 2014 Olympics, and talk about life after competitive sports.

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Andrew Pearce, BSc’84/MSc’88, is the director of research and development at DreamWorks Animation. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit Andrew’s UCalgary days, talk about how he ended up working on such films as Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Monsters vs. Aliens, and discuss what the future of these types of movies could look like.

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Elizabeth Anderson, BA’10, is the author of Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness), and received the True Grit Award from the Lt. Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addictions for her contributions to public education, advocacy, and stigma reduction of mental health issues. On this episode of the Peer Review, Elizabeth shares her story about living with schizophrenia and depression, and explains how she has given her illness experience a broader meaning by giving people accurate information and dispelling the myths that are associated with those living with diagnosis. 

Ken Lima-Coelho, BA’94, is the Vice President of Communications at YMCA Calgary, a Heebee-jeebee, a former CBC Radio journalist, and much more. On this episode of Peer Review, Ken shares stories about former schoolmates, Naheed Nenshi, Danielle Smith, and Ezra Levant, talks about the birth of the Heebee-jeebees, and discusses the importance of community engagement.