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#15: Lori Andrews, insanely happy interior designer and photographer

Lori Andrews, BFA’92, is a self-employed interior designer and photographer. Also known as “the 10 cent designer,” Lori has mastered the art of social media, developing a strong global following. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit Lori’s UCalgary experience, explore the pros and cons of social media, and discuss many different aspects of interior design.

#14: Eric Termuende bridges generational gap

Eric Termuende, BComm’14, is a director with Gen Y Inc., a Canadian startup company specializing in intergenerational dynamics and emerging talent. On this episode of Peer Review, we discuss Eric’s involvement with Gen Y Inc., explore millennial employment habits, and revisit how he traveled across Europe using only energy drinks as currency.

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#13: Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk grips it and rips it

Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk, BEd/BA’97, is a professional golfer; currently ranked third in the world for women’s long drive. On this episode of Peer Review, we revisit Lisa’s unconventional journey into professional golf, talk about how she developed her powerful swing, and discover what it's like to work with some of the world’s top golf professionals.


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Patrick Finn, MFA’09, is an associate professor in the School for Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, we explore Patrick’s work as a drama professor, tackle some of the biggest issues facing today’s post-secondary education system, and Patrick explains open source thought and his problem with critical thinking.

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#11: Matt Masters Helps Alberta Tell its Story

Matt Masters, BA’02, is a country and western singer who plays world and Canadian music Alberta style. On this episode of the podcast we explore Matt’s early days as a student and budding musician, talk about the challenges of being an independent artist, and Matt clears up a lot of misconceptions I had about the country and western music genre.  

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#10: Aviv Fried is Rolling in the Dough

Aviv Fried, BSc’04 and MEng’09, is the owner of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery in Calgary, Alberta. On this episode of Peer Review we revisit Aviv’s UCalgary experience as an international student, discuss his transformation from scientist to baker, and Aviv reveals the secrets to making the most delicious loaf of sour dough bread.  

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#9: Running with Reed Ferber

Reed Ferber, B.PE’93, is an associate professor in kinesiology and nursing at UCalgary, as well as the chief scientific officer and director at Calgary Running Injury Clinic. On this episode of Peer Review we revisit Reed’s stint in professional basketball, talk about how he ended up at the forefront of running research, and Reed offers helpful injury preventing running tips.  

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Theanna Bischoff, BA’06, is a registered psychologist and the author of two novels, "Cleavage" and “Swallow". On this episode of Peer Review we discuss the publishing process, why her books tackle challenging subjects, and Theanna explains why she prefers not to mix her psychology career with her writing.

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#7: Around the World with CBC's David Gray
David Gray, BA’88, is the host of the Calgary Eyeopener and a journalist at CBC/Radio-Canada. As a journalist of 20 years, Gray has covered stories from around the world, always striving to present the view of everyday people. Never one to shy away from expressing his opinion, David has been vocal about his on-again, off-again relationship with the University of Calgary. On this episode of the podcast, we revisit David’s time at UCalgary, discuss what it was like to travel to the Middle East with Ralph Klein, and David shares how he thinks the University of Calgary could more effectively engage the Calgary community. 


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#6: Lights, Camera, Matt Embry

Matt Embry, BA’99, started making movies when he was eight years old. Armed with remarkable hustle and ambition, Embry has gone on to experience the film industry on both sides of the camera. Now, as president of Spotlight Productions, Embry has helped produce and direct several Calgary focused documentaries and programs that have aided in telling the story of the city he loves. On this episode of Peer Review, we talk about the importance of receiving an all encompassing university experience, the importance of developing a strong hustle, and review some of the great cinematic masterpieces shot in Calgary.

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