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Mark Hopkins, BA’05, is the Co-Artistic Director of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre and the creator of the community building initiative, "We Should Know Each Other". On this episode of Peer Review, Mark revisits his university days, explains his unique community building initiative, and talks about launching Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre.

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Evan Bahry, BA’93/MBA’08, is the current executive director of the Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta. On this epiosde of Peer Review, as a sneak peak of Shulich Engineering's 2015 Distinguished Speakers Panel event that will focus on Electrical Power in Alberta, Evan shares his views on the biggest issues facing Alberta's electrical market.

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Kate Thompson, MArch’02, is the Director of Development at Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, and a former sessional instructor at the University of Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, Kate tells me why she thinks the New Central Library will be better than the The Bow, discusses the hurdles faced when redeveloping a downtrodden area of a city, and talks about the future of urban development in Calgary.

Nick Blitterswyk, BSc’04, is the CEO of Urban Green Energy in New York, prior to which he was an actuary for JPMorgan Chase. On this episode of the podcast, Nick looks back at his time at the University of Calgary, talks about launching Urban Green Energy, and explains what they are doing to help with environmental issues.

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