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Ken Lima-Coelho, BA’94, is the Vice President of Communications at YMCA Calgary, a Heebee-jeebee, a former CBC Radio journalist, and much more. On this episode of Peer Review, Ken shares stories about former schoolmates, Naheed Nenshi, Danielle Smith, and Ezra Levant, talks about the birth of the Heebee-jeebees, and discusses the importance of community engagement. 

Lori Bacon, BComm’81, is the president and owner of Swimco, Western Canada’s leading swimwear retailer. On this episode of Peer Review, Lori revisits Swimco's history, reveals some of her favourite swimwear trends over the past 40 years, and discusses Sports Illustrated’s inclusion of "plus-size” models in their 2015 swimsuit issue. 

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While still completing his business degree in Operations Management, Matt Diteljan, BComm’13, was hired as the CEO of Pocket Homes Inc., a tech startup that believes their smart phone application will completely change the way people find their perfect home. When he is not focused on real estate, Matt stays busy by helping spread positive messaging in Canadian high schools through his company, Glacier Communications. On this episode of Peer Review, Matt talks about the importance of mentorship, explains what it’s like to work at a tech startup, and shares stories about being a millennial entrepreneur.

Murray Falk, BEd’68, is a retired high school teacher and a former editor of the Cal-Var student newspaper, the forerunner to the Gauntlet. Starting his degree when the institution was still a branch of the University of Alberta, Murray graduated in 1968 after taking time off to teach. On this episode of the podcast, Murray looks back on early campus events, talks about the university’s autonomy from the University of Alberta, and shares stories from his 34-year teaching career.

Amanda Hehr, MBA’14, is one of the co-founders of Cru Juice, prior to which she was the VP of business development and marketing at Orpyx Medical Technologies. Encouraged by a friend to complete a masters degree in business, Amanda took a leap of faith and left her career in the field of wearable medical technology to start her own cold-pressed juice company. Now, six months after opening their doors, Cru Cold-Pressed Juice is about to open there third Calgary location. On this episode of Peer Review, Amanda talks about why she left a successful career in medical technology to forge her own path, explains what cold-pressed juice is, and discusses why it’s important for her to give back to the Calgary community. 

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Mark Hopkins, BA’05, is the Co-Artistic Director of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre and the creator of the community building initiative, "We Should Know Each Other". On this episode of Peer Review, Mark revisits his university days, explains his unique community building initiative, and talks about launching Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre.

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Evan Bahry, BA’93/MBA’08, is the current executive director of the Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta. On this epiosde of Peer Review, as a sneak peak of Shulich Engineering's 2015 Distinguished Speakers Panel event that will focus on Electrical Power in Alberta, Evan shares his views on the biggest issues facing Alberta's electrical market.

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Kate Thompson, MArch’02, is the Director of Development at Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, and a former sessional instructor at the University of Calgary. On this episode of Peer Review, Kate tells me why she thinks the New Central Library will be better than the The Bow, discusses the hurdles faced when redeveloping a downtrodden area of a city, and talks about the future of urban development in Calgary.

Nick Blitterswyk, BSc’04, is the CEO of Urban Green Energy in New York, prior to which he was an actuary for JPMorgan Chase. On this episode of the podcast, Nick looks back at his time at the University of Calgary, talks about launching Urban Green Energy, and explains what they are doing to help with environmental issues.

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Andrew Phung, MA’06, is a senior performer at Loose Moose Theatre Company, and the director of special projects at Youth Central. Recently voted “best local actor” and “best local comedian” by FFWD Weekly, Andrew has been busy filming his two television shows, Let’s Talk English and Cowtown Sketch. On this episode of Peer Review, we talk about Andrew’s connection to the North East quadrant of Calgary, explore the world of sneaker collecting, and talk about why it’s important to fail.

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