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Anila Lee Yuen, BSc’02, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Newcomers, prepares to welcome Syrian  refugees to Calgary. 

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Derrick Shirley, MSc’07, psychologist, speaker, and author of The 400 Pound Male Stripper talks about taking it all off.

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Kym Boycott, PhD’97, MD’00, medical geneticist, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, is a leading global expert in rare diseases.

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Danielle Smith, BA’97 and former leader of the Wildrose party turned radio host for NewsTalk770, discusses life after politics.

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Anar Simpson, BSc'86, MCS’01, Simon Bryant, MD’9, and Kristina Groves, BSc’04, MSc’15 discuss refuges, sustainable energy, and much more. Recorded in front of a live audience in That Empty Space at the University of Calgary on November 20, 2015. 

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Yousef Traya, BCR’01, shares stories from over 30 years of family business in Bridgeland, Calgary, Alberta.

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Tyler Trafford, BA’71, is the author of the award winning book, Almost a Great Escape; a love story almost too amazing to be true.

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Wilma Shim, BSc’07, LLB’10, is a lawyer for the Government of Alberta as well as a powerlifting coach with Special Olympics Calgary.

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Nancy Moules, BN’95, MN’97, PhD’00, is a professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary, and holds the Kids Cancer Care Foundation Chair in Child and Family Cancer Care.

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Sebastian Sztabzyb, B.Eng’00, co-founder of Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, explains how he uses engineering to brew a great cup of coffee.

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