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Shawna Cunningham talks about truth and reconciliation in Canada and why it’s so important to build a cultural bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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As mental health awareness continues to grow, career experts and researchers chime in about how to integrate wellness into the workplace to combat potential or existing toxic behaviours. 

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Failure is trending, but is that a good thing? We ask six alumni what they think about failure and what advice they’d give their younger selves.


Whitney Rockley, MBA’97
Ben Cannon, BA’14
Christine Dagenais, MBA’11
Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, BA’99, BA’01
Patrick Lor, BA’90, MBA’01
Bridget Casey, MBA’15

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Bridget is the founder and content creator of Money After Graduation. From paying off debt to investing in the stock market, Bridget provides clear, actionable advice that will transform your finances. Bridget holds a BSc from the University of Alberta and an MBA in finance from UCalgary. She is regularly featured as a millennial finance expert as a guest on BNN and CBC, and was recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators in 2016.

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Simon is a palliative physician in Calgary and a member of the O’Brien Institute for Public Health at the University of Calgary. He divides his time between inpatient and community practice and, in 2016, helped to found the Calgary Allied Mobile Palliative Program (CAMPP) with Rachael Edwards of Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS). CAMPP was established in response to the inequity experienced by homeless and vulnerably housed patients at end of life. Previously, Simon worked with Doctors Without Borders in Afghanistan and Doctors of Two Worlds on a trip to Nepal.

Learn more about Calgary’s Allied Mobile Palliative Program (CAMPP).

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How do people recover from addiction? Amber Hedges, MA’17, explains how stigma can be more of a barrier than the substance itself.

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In the world of #MeToo, #TimesUp and the recently exposed “incel” community, we talk to masculinity experts about what men and boys are thinking and what we can do to nip “toxic masculinity” in the bud.

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When applying for a job, should you include a cover letter? Do you have to customize each resume? What headings should you use? Everyone has their own style when it comes to applications, but Brian Palmer, BComm’06, has some not-so-secret tips and best practices.

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Scholarships, transformational experiences, and health and wellness are key contributors to student success — and these extraordinary alumni are proof.

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If you’ve visited the UCalgary Native Centre, attended any local marches or participated in a KAIROS Blanket Exercise, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, BA’99, BA’01. In this episode, Cheryle explains how to be an activist and why it’s important to give back in a good way.

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